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The Dojo Directory includes about 30 thousand Martial Arts Schools in over 50 countries! New schools are added to the Directory everyday. Every Dojo in the directory has it’s own section, where you will find the address, phone number, Website address, location Map, directions and reviews. Many Dojos also have their Martial Arts Style and Class schedule available. You can add Dojo pages to your favorites, Email them to a friend, view an interactive Map of the location, or get driving directions, all directly from the Dojo Directory.

You can also view some interesting statistics on number of Dojo in various places. There is a state wide statistics that shows the top 10 states in the USA with the highest number of Martial Arts Schools, as well as the number of schools listed in each state in the USA. You can also view top cities & counties in the USA with highest number of Martial Arts Schools. Every state has its own page where you can see the top Cities within that state, as well as top Counties. From these pages, you can view Martial Arts Schools listed in those cities and counties.

Searching the Dojo Directory

You can search the Dojo Directory in many different ways. Enter a complete address is the most convenient and popular way of searching Martial Arts Schools. When you search Dojo with a complete address, all Dojo near that address are displayed. You can also search the Dojo Directory by entering the Name of a City, State or County, and also a Zip code.

Our Dojo Directory also allows you to choose specific Styles of Martial Arts when searching for a Martial Arts School.

Dojo Directory can be searched with Dojo names as well. For example, you can view the list of schools that have the word ‘Karate’ in their name, and located in Florida.

Other options for searching the directory include searching with telephone area code, City & State etc.

How Useful is the Dojo Directory?

Thousands of people visit the Dojo Directory and look for Dojo everyday. Every so often we receive thanks and gratitude for the benefit it offers to the Martial Arts Community. When you search for ‘Dojo Directory’ on the major search engines (google, yahoo, Bing etc.), you will find amongst the top 3 results. The Directory is constantly updated with more schools, and more information on the existing schools. Our sincere effort is in making this Directory a valuable service to the Martial Arts Community, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, we will greatly appreciate it.

You can help it grow!

Dojo locator does not charge any fee for its services. We do not ask for donations either. However, we hope you will recognize its value to the Martial Arts Community and help it grow by letting others know about it. Specially if you are associated with a Dojo, or know others who are associated with a Dojo, please ask them to add their information to the directory. If you participate in a Martial Arts discussion Forum, please let other members know about it, and if you own or operate a Martial Arts related Website, please consider including a Dojo Search Box on the Website so your visitors can search the Dojo Directory from your Website.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concern or suggestion about the Dojo Directory.

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