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Bagua Scotland is affiliated with Bagua UK and the Contemporary School of Chigung in London. Training is provided monthly at either Alloa or Alva Academy in a 2hr workshop format, Craig Wilson is the Scotland Instructor. I have studied Bagua for the past 15 years building upon a foundation of Zhan Zhuang Yiquan, traditional Yang style Tai Chi, full contact WTF tae kwon do and Lau Gar Kung Fu. Originally learning in the ‘monastic’ tradition of the art form under Paul Cavel in France, my interest moved towards using the art functionally from a martial perspective which took me to London. My current teacher is Hunyuan Hsing-yi/Bagua Master Chris Ray Chappell who teaches lineage Cheng style Bagua sourced from ‘elder uncle’ lineage disciple Master Frank ‘The Snake’ Allen (USA) who has learned directly from Liu Jing Ru in China amongst other notable masters. Current curriculum includes the 8 mother palms, 8 foundation Palms, energy postures, nei gung, martial applications, circle walking, rou shou, two man form, linear bagua 64 Hands of Liu De Kuan and spontaneous bagua sparring. For those interested in health orientated non combat an energetic based 8 palm change form is also available . Beginners are welcome and everyone is taught material appropriate to their level of skill and interest. Practiced regularly Bagua can improve health, flexibilty and longevity opening up the natural energy of the body whilst removing blockages of stuck areas in the body.


Alloa Academy
Bowhouse Road
Alloa, FK10 1DN
United Kingdom
Phone: 07841958878

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Martial Art Styles

The following Martial Arts Styles are offered at Bagua Scotland:

  • Baguazhang

Programs & Class Schedule

Each monthly 2 hour workshop is relaxed and informal working to the adage of ‘train half for yourself and half for others’.

Age Group 16+ beginners welcome, no contract, no uniform, no annual fees, no expensive grading, just training in a profound Internal Movement Art set at £30 for the two hour workshop.

We start with the preliminary Bagua stretching exercises to open and warm up the muscles, ligaments and fascia.

We then walk the circle through static arm energy training postures to promote the opening of the body and circulate energy in the meridians through gentle relaxation of the nerves.

We then focus on one of the Palm Changes at varying levels dependent upon the skill level and experience of the practitioner.

Martial applications are taught within the context of soft hands practice in Chinese ‘rou shou’. This provides a safe environment to experience various applications.

Bagua sparring is optional which combines the previously learned circle walking with the wrists joined whilst spontaneously delivering applications in a soft and flowing manner.

Each workshop finishes with the energy gathering walk and a few minutes in silent contemplation to absorb the workshop lessons.

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