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Kokoro Aikido’s chief instructor has over 45 years martial arts experience. Kokoro Aikido is a traditional style which draws from the old style of Samurai Akijujitsu a battlefield art never defeated. Weapons are used to extend and supplement the empty hand methods and females have a dedicated lady black belt who gives valuable insights for the female perspective.

Kokoro Aikido uses both ancient and modern knowledge and is probably the only Aikido dojo which uses true energy disruption methods. This knowledge was gained from the chief instructor being a personal student of the late great Erle Montaigue Founder of the W.T.B.A. Kata and Randori is used to underpin the synthesis of natural movement. Kokoro Aikido uses only practical methods of movement and not technique.

Regular gradings based on hours trained and seminars with our great friends at Blackstar Aikido and International Budo Camps extend and stimulate the students. Aikido is the only martial art endorsed by the Home Office and all members of the prison service, police armed forces and “other” government departments are welcome. Beginners always made welcome. We are a pay as you train Dojo its either a 4 week or 5 week month-Simple no tie ins and no expensive buy out contracts. Come and train with us you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

Kokoro Aikido are members of the United Kingdom Budo Federation.

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St.Margaret’s Church Hall
St.Margaret’s Church Hall
St.Margaret’s Road
Manchester, M25 2QA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01617678251

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Martial Art Styles

The following Martial Arts Styles are offered at Kokoro Aikido:

  • Aiki Jitsu (Aikijutsu)
  • Aikido
  • Womens Self Defense.
  • Ki
  • Acupuncture based Atemi.
  • Traditional Japanese Weapons

Programs & Class Schedule

Kokoro Aikido currently train every Monday evening times 7 pm till 9 pm.
Kokoro Aikido is based on the old style Samurai Akijujitsu and therefore has no sporting applications. This form of Aikido presents very powerful self defense and the student will learn the following,
How to control and restrain an opponent.
How to defend against punches and kicks in a very efficient manner.
How to manipulate ki energy for healing and for self defense.
Regular training with traditional weapons Jo staff, Bokken and Tanto.
The old style Aikido katas to enhance your understanding of movement and how to strike.
Mokazu meditation, kiko and kokyuho to help to relax body mind and spirit.
Atemi. Point striking that works based on Acupuncture!
Practical ladies self defense.
Kokoro Aikido supports all scouts who want to achieve the martial arts badge through training.
Aikido maintains healthy bone density.
You will feel tired but centred after training.
You will feel a great sense of achievement as you progress up the ranks.
Regular seminars, courses and gradings to help you develop.
Access to an excellent law course taught by a top police instructor after which you will know what the law says about reasonable force and, what you can do lawfully to protect yourself, family or friends.
Kokoro Aikido is a great way of toning up, losing weight and increasing your fitness. If you want to make a positive, healthy lifestyle change call in and see for yourself. You only have the old you to lose. Can you make the change?
We are a fully inclusive, family friendly club, just ring or text before you call. No annual membership fee or costly monthly contracts. Simply Pay as you Train. It’s either a 4 week or 5 week month. No expensive buy out contracts.
Minimum age subject to acceptance. Mum’s and Dads train with your kids get you and them Aiki fit! Beginners always welcome give us a try!

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