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Wing Chun develops the whole person !!!

The eight principles of Wing Chun form a system of aggressive self-defense that allows one to adapt immediately to the size, strength and fighting style of an attacker.

There are many ways to express the principles, since they are essentially very simple.

Only by practicing Chi Sao with a knowledgeable instructor

to train the body to follow the principles reflexively and to understand their applications in specific situations.

As well as describing the progression of a self-defense response, the strength principles also describe the progression a Wing Chun student must follow:

First, form training and a great deal of punching to learn to

be relaxed in a fight and to (counter intuitively) punch without tension ;

Second, hours of Chi Sao training to be able to yield to and exploit the attackers strength

Finally, strength training specific to Wing Chun to increase punching and striking power.

Adults find their martial arts training teaches them important life skills –

a new sense of empowerment that extends past the physical maneuvers of self-defence.

Our students develop the confidence and self-esteem it takes to Stand-Up and face life head on,

seeking new challenges and persevering when times get tough.

Wing Chun Schools provides a place for you to develop your body and mind while instilling

traditional moral values like integrity, respect and perseverance thats refreshing and much needed

today more than ever.

Whatever your reasons for considering Wing Chun for yourself, you’ll find we have a variety of programs

to meet your needs. You dont have to be a certain type of person to be a successful and valued Wing Chun member. No matter what your skill level, our goal is to help you become the best you can be and to Stand-Up for yourself and for others.

Wing Chun system aims are as follows: some may prove to be more important than others for different people:-

Awareness, Flexibility, Martial Arts Balance, Timing, Body Unity, Sensitivity & Fighting Spirit

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ACE Space Newbury
St Nicholas Rd
Newbury, RG14 5PR
United Kingdom
Phone: 07960 772223

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Martial Art Styles

The following Martial Arts Styles are offered at Wing Chun International Newbury:

  • Wing Chun

Programs & Class Schedule

Wing Chun Kung Fu Newbury offer classes to both Adults from 13 years and above and Children from the age of 4 to 12(Children TBA).

Adults classes are Thursday evenings 20.30 until 21.30 however these will grow with the development of the school.

Children classes are TBC but will normally be:

Little dragon 4 to 6 age 16.30 until 17.00
Junior Warriors 7 to 12 age 17.00 until 18.30

As an organisation we do not have any fixed term contracts and parents and students are free to cancel there tuition with us at any time, we simply ask out of courtesy one months notice to leave.

We offer the student the opportunity to train on our Basic course setting a goal of the 4th grade or 4th Sash for children and for those looking to progress there training to a further level students set there goal for Adult 12th Grade or a Child Black Sash.

For More information please visit our Website at

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